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Solar – A Bright Idea for Billboard Advertising

Suntrek's Billboard Lighting System
A stand-alone, solar powered illumination system designed specifically to light billboards or large overhead signs. It provides light where grid supplied electricity is not available or where it would be prohibitively expensive to run and maintain.

With a Suntrek Solar Billboard Lighting System there is no need for:

  • Electric meters
  • Monthly electric bills
  • Power company charges for bringing electricity to the site
  • Land use permission for carrying power across properties
  • Unsightly power lines and poles

A cost effective solution for billboard lighting
100% powered by the sun, Suntrek's Solar Billboard Lighting System will eliminate your operation costs.

Greatly Increases Revenue Potential
An illuminated billboard can be billed at a premium rate, increasing revenues an average of 20%.

Save Big with Tax Savings
The economics of a billboard lighting system are extremely attractive. Thanks to a Federal tax credit of 30%, and 5-Year Accelerated Capital Depreciation, You'll save thousands on each system.

Here's an example from an actual installation:

Total Investment $12,000
30% Federal Tax Credit -$3,600
Accelerated Depreciation-$3,500 (assumes a 35% Tax Bracket)
Net Capital Cost $4,900

In other words, for every 40 cents that the billboard owner invests in the lighting system, the Federal Government will invest 60 cents! These incentives won’t always be this generous, so now is the time to take advantage of them.

Unsurpassed Quality and Support
We have a design solution for all sizes and environments, with careful attention to esthetics and proper illumination without "Hot Spots"

Easy to install
Can be mounted directly to any billboard structure or it can be pole-mounted a short distance away from the structure.

Own Your Power!
By investing in a Suntrek Solar Billboard Lighting System, you can generate your own free solar energy and cash in on a variety of benefits, including:

  • Immediate Positive Cash Flow
  • Long-Term Protection from Rising Utility Rates
  • Higher Advertising Value
  • The Pride of Being Environmentally Responsible

Suntrek Makes it Easy
Our experienced professionals are there every step of the way to ensure an installation that not only functions optimally, but also looks attractive and blends harmoniously with it's surroundings. We offer excellent design support and training so your workers will have a safe and reliable installation.

  • Design – We visit your site to determine the optimum design and placement of your system
  • Installation – Our design consultants will provide all system components in compliance with local authorities and to the specifications required for state and federal incentives
  • Inspection – After installation, we inspect each system to verify that it is fully functional and ensure that it passes final inspection by local authorities.
  • Post-installation support – Our friendly experts are happy to answer questions and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.



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