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Installation Manuals

RoofTrac Residential Installation (PDF)
RoofTrac Commerical Installation (PDF)
GroundTrac Installation (PDF)
Suntrek Integrated Roof System Diagram (PDF)
Solar Wedge Installation (PDF)
RoofTrac Tilt Up Installation (PDF)
Power of 3 Video (m4v)

Product Specification Sheets

Suntrek's Solar Electric Brochure (PDF)
RoofTrac Residential Brochure (PDF)
RoofTrac Residential Brochure (PDF))
PVPowered Residential Inverters Brochure (PDF)
PVPowered Commercial Inverters Brochure (PDF))
Solar Wedge Brochure (PDF)
Solar Wedge Engineering (PDF)
Sharp Solar Electric Modules
Suntech USA Solar Electric Modules
Sanyo Solar Electric Modules
BP Solar Electric Modules
SolarWorld Solar Electric Modules
Schuco Solar Electric Modules

Warranty Information

SolarWorld Warranty (PDF)
PVPowered 10yr Warranty (PDF)
BP Solar Warranty (PDF)
Sharp SRS Mounting System Warranty (PDF)
Sharp Module Warranty (PDF)
Sanyo Warranty(PDF)
Suntech Warranty (PDF)
Suntech BIPV Light Thru Warranty (PDF)

Permit and Legal Docs

California Solar Rights Act (PDF)
PV Permit Checklist (PDF)
Fire Department Requirements (PDF)

Rebate Forms

CSI Handbook (PDF)
CEC Handbook (PDF)
Southern California Edison Customers
Pacfic Gas and Electric Customers
San Diego Gas and Electric Customers


Tax Credit Legislation

New Tax Incentives for Solar Energy (PDF)
Solar Residential Tax Credit Website
Sec. 25D. Residential Energy Efficiant Property (PDF)
Sec. 38. General Business_Solar Tax Credit (PDF)
California Assembily Bill 32 Fact Sheet(PDF)
How to Take Advantage of Federal Stimulus Funding
Federal Grant program appplication 07 09 09 (PDF)
Federal Grant program guidance 07 09 09(PDF)
Federal Grant program terms-and-conditions 07 09 09g(PDF)



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