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PV SystemAn Oasis of Warmth

Owning a pool and spa transforms any property into a fun, rejuvenating oasis. Whether you own a backyard pool or a Five-Star resort, a solar pool heating system will save you a tremendous amount of money. Meanwhile, the luxurious warmth of your pool and spa powered by Suntrek’s solar pool heating system will entice family and guests to soak up all the pleasures a pool can bring:

  • Fun with Family & Friends: With a barbeque grill, deck chairs, tables and lounge chairs, you have the ingredients for quality time kids and great entertaining.
  • Relaxation & Stress Reduction: Few things are as soothing as taking a dip into a warm pool or relaxing in the hot effervescence of a spa.
  • Exercise: Morninglaps or aqua aerobics in a pool is one of the best ways to keep fit. Physicians agree that exercising in water is beneficial because it puts less stress on the joints.
  • Romantic Rendezvous: A heated spa or swimming pool, powered by a solar pool heating system, under a moonlit sky is the perfect setting for special time with the one you love.
PV System

Always Comfortable, Inviting, and Worry-Free

While exorbitant energy prices cause many homeowners to leave their pools unheated for long periods; commercial pools have no choice but keep their pools heated year round. With Suntrek solar pool heating systems you can heat your pool to luxuriously warm temperatures all year long, without a single worry. Our versatile solar pool heating systems can be customized to fit any pool in any commercial or residential setting.

The Benefits of Suntrek Pool Heating Systems:

  • Free Heat! Now it’s possible to heat your pool to 86 degrees and your spa up to 104 degrees. FREE!
  • Triple your Swim Season: Enjoy warm temperatures spring, summer, and fall!
  • No More Waiting: Always have heated water that is immediately ready to enjoy.
  • Immediate Savings: The solar pool heating system slashes your heating bills and pays for itself in less than 2 swim seasons.
  • Energy Independence: Solar energy protects you from rising fuel costs.
  • Reliable Performance: Suntrek’s durable solar pool heaters last 12 to 20 years and are covered by a 15 year warranty.
  • No Pollution: Solar energy does not pollute the environment or contribute to global warming.


Suntrek Pool Solar Brochure (PDF)


Suntrek offers a complete range of solar pool heaters that we can customize for residential and public pools. Contact Us today for more information.

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