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Hello again,
Exactly one year ago I contacted your company to inquire about purchasing a solar heating system for our pool. Being first time pool owners, I researched several options. Your company's CEO personally answered my questions and I proceeded with ordering a solar hearing system from Suntrek.

Installation was fast and easy. The system worked beautifully last swimming season. I put off writing as I wanted to see how the system would weather a harsh, northeastern Pennsylvania winter. I am happy to report that we opened our pool on Thursday May 24th and on Saturday evening, May 26th we were enjoying a warm pool on a cool Spring evening. The water tempeture reached 88 degrees in just two days and we have been swimming everyday since. Our neighbors have opened their pools but are not enjoying them yet as the water temperatures are to cold. One neighbor used their pool Memorial Day but had their propane heater operating. The highest temperature they were able to obtain so early in the season was 81 degrees. Needless to day the children, in spite of the sunshine were not swimming very long. Also our pool was the last to close last season. We enjoyed swimming until mid-October!!!!!

Most of all, thank you for making a reliable product. The fact that we can USE our pool is important to us. Our daughter suffers with severe juvenile arthritis and swimming is an important part of her physical therapy routine. Because the water tempeture is so comfortable, the pool is accessible to her and that means so very much to us. Your system had it possible for us to provided a usable pool for our daughter.

Sincerely, with much thanks, and looking forward to doing business with you in the future,
John, Gina and Sara Pisak



1. Site evaluation to determine that Suntrek’s a fit for your pool.
2. Simple measurements and calculations to determine your pool’s specific needs.
3. Send us your Solar Site Evaluation.

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