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Transforming Sunlight into Pool Comfort

What Could be Easier?
Suntrek’s solar pool heaters work in partnership with your pool's filter pump to efficiently heat thousands of gallons of water in your pool and spa. It operates automatically and, with few moving parts, it is virtually maintenance free. Just set your preferred temperature and the system does the rest!

Here’s How it Works

This simple cycle continues until your pool reaches your desired temperature. In warmer months, you have the option to cool an overheated pool by running your pool pump at night and setting the solar control to “Manual Override.”


Suntrek Pool Solar Brochure (PDF)


For more information, see our manuals and specifications  or contact us. .


Suntrek’s system paid for itself after just one season
"We had been heating our pool conventionally when we discovered Suntrek. It didn’t take long to figure out that the initial cost of Suntrek’s installation would quickly pay for itself. We weren’t even into our second swim season with Suntrek when I realized our costs had been completely recouped."

– B. Taylor
  Newport Beach, Ca.

How Much Money Can I Save?
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