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Step #1: Site Evaluation Step #2: Measurments Step #3: Solar Evaluation

Contact One of Our Design Consultants

Our friendly design consultants have decades of solar installation experience and are happy to answer any questions you may have and will be available to help guide you through your installation from design to finish.

In order to build a complete kit for you to install a Suntrek Solar Pool Heater System, we will need to know about your property. Please call us today toll-free for a free design quote at (800) 292-7648 or contact us.

Already Have Your Measurements?

If you already have the necessary measurements, please fill out the following form, or fax the following information to 949-348-1626. We will contact you with a design and quote.

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Installation Information
Filter Pump Horsepower:
Distance from the pool equipment to the structure (in ft.)
How many stories high?
What direction does the roof face? (South, West or East)
Square footage of the pools surface area:
Desired square footage of solar:

For more detailed site evaluation instructions,
Please download "Designing Your Solar Pool System" (PDF)



Step #1: Site Evaluation Step #2: Measurments Step #3: Solar Evaluation
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