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    Power of Three

    Invest in a cleaner, smarter future. Power your home, business, pool and hot water with the sun.
    • Solar Electricity (PV)
    • Solar Pool Heating
    • Solar Water Heating

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    Solar Pool Heating

    Enjoy a warm solar heated swimming pool and spa. Triple your swim season and come home to a hot solar heated spa.

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    Solar Electricity

    Why pay for energy when you can produce your own? With current rebates, tax incentives and financing programs, there’s never been a better for solar electricity.

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    Solar Hot Water

    Free hot water with no carbon footprint. Why heat your hot water with gas or electricity, when the sun will do it for free?

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    Need Service?

    Meet our awesome crew.  Our expert techs have worked in the solar industry for decades and can evaluate and repair all types of solar energy systems.


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Discover the Benefits of Solar Pool Heating: Extend Your Pool Season Today!


Many homeowners dream of owning a swimming pool. They offer a refreshing escape during hot summer days and become a hub for family gatherings...

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What Matters When Going Solar? | 2023

Blog Spotlight

System design and financial analysis: Every home and business owner is unique. So are their energy needs and solar design considerations. The more information that...

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