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SuntrekSolar Customer Reviews Martinez Solar Water Heater

Martinez solar water heaters are engineered and manufactured by Suntrek Industries for maximum efficiency and are scientifically designed with our unique “continuous turbulent flow” water channel technology. A Suntrek solar water heater comes with a 10 year warranty and Martinez solar water heating systems have an average lifespan of 30 years with minimal maintenance required.

Martinez solar water heating systems integrate the best solar technology available with today’s modern plumbing systems to efficiently and economically heat your home’s water with little to no gas or electricity required.

Martinez Residential Solar Water Heater Benefits

A solar water heater utilizes the sun’s energy to pre-heat your residential or commercial water before it enters your household gas or electric water heater. With Martinez’s sunny day weather index greater than 8 out of 10 days, a solar water heater installed in a Martinez home will be able to generate up to 90% of your annual heating needs. Additional benefits include:

• Elimination of up to 100% of your water heating costs
• Enjoying unlimited hot water for residential and commercial use
• Government rebates and tax breaks will help pay for your solar heater
• Reducing local air pollution by thousands of pounds per year
• Owning a back-up water supply for emergencies and electric outages

Whenever possible, solar collectors (solar panels) are integrated into the slope of your home’s roof. This type of solar collector installation usually improves the appearance of your Martinez home because from a distance it looks like you’ve added an elegant skylight to your roof.

Martinez Solar Water Heating Systems

A Suntrek solar water heating system is going to heat an additional 40 to 80 gallons more water than your current water heater. It will have the ability to heat water beyond 212º F (boiling), but the normal temperature for residential use in Martinez is between 120º F to 135º F. Even with the ability to turn up the heat in the solar heater, your Suntrek system will be operating less frequently and is going to last much longer than your non-solar heater.

The cost of your solar water heating system will run from $2,500 to $6,500 depending upon the following factors:
• The number of people living in your home
• Building code requirements in Martinez
• Roofing material where the solar panels will be mounted
• Orientation of the solar panels
• The type of system installed

The Integral Collector Storage System (ICS) requires no pumps or controls in order to operate. ICS combines a water storage tank and the solar collector in one unit with sunlight heating the water inside the ICS all day long. The ICS works very well in Martinez where the climate is mild and freezing conditions do not exist.

Suntrek Thermosiphon Systems are based on the principle that hot water rises, cold water sinks and a solar collector absorbs the sun’s rays and heats a cold fluid that is inside the heating system.

Suntrek’s active solar water heater uses pumps that are often powered by a solar electric module to circulate water or heat-transfer fluid through heat-absorbing solar thermal collectors.

A Suntrek open loop active solar water heating system heats the water supply directly. Water is circulated through the solar collector utilizing a small solar circulation pump (module) that is mounted on a solar storage tank. Suntrek’s solar pump becomes activated via a solar sensor that informs the system when heat is available in the solar collectors. The solar-heated water is stored in a storage tank that is connected to the existing water heater. As hot water is used, the preheated water is pumped into the Martinez household water heater.

The Suntrek Closed Loop Active System utilizes heat exchangers that are circulating fluids through the solar panels and its feed pipes. The term closed loop refers to the solar exchange fluid being closed off from the external atmosphere or it is isolated from the potable water. In a closed loop system the heated solar fluid is pumped through the Martinez solar panels.

To determine which system is best for you, call us today at 800.292.7648 or use the form at the top of the page and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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