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    Power of Three

    Invest in a cleaner, smarter future. Power your home, business, pool and hot water with the sun.
    • Solar Electricity (PV)
    • Solar Pool Heating
    • Solar Water Heating

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    Solar Pool Heating

    Enjoy a warm solar heated swimming pool and spa. Triple your swim season and come home to a hot solar heated spa.

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    Solar Electricity

    Why pay for energy when you can produce your own? With current rebates, tax incentives and financing programs, there’s never been a better for solar electricity.

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    Solar Hot Water

    Free hot water with no carbon footprint. Why heat your hot water with gas or electricity, when the sun will do it for free?

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    Need Service?

    Meet our awesome crew.  Our expert techs have worked in the solar industry for decades and can evaluate and repair all types of solar energy systems.

Solar Energy Savings Calculator

See how much you can save with Suntrek Solar and see if your roof is a good fit:

30 Years

We’ve always been solar and started in it’s infancy

32705 Customers

Did we mention that we have a lot of solar experience

Strategic Partners & Growing
986 Strategic Partners & Growing

There is a 90% chance that you were referred to Suntrek.

The Power of Three

Suntrek makes it easy! By replacing traditional energy sources that rely on fossil fuels, Suntrek’s solar power solutions help eliminate the toxic emissions that pollute our environment. With the highest performance ratings, lasting durability, and warranties ranging from 10 to 25 years, our solar power technologies provide decades of reliable energy with huge savings.

Since 1991, Homeowners, Business and Government have relied on SUNTREK® for their solar energy needs. Help Heal the Environment While Cashing in on Financial Rewards

Solar Pool & Spa Heating

 Offset your gas expense and enjoy the comfort of a warm solar heated swimming pool and spa

Most swimming pools sit cold and unused through most of the year.  With a solar
pool heating system, you have a warm pool that it ready to be enjoyed at any moment, with no extra utility expense.

Solar Pool Spa Heating
Solar Electricity Installation

Solar Electricity

Power your Home or Business with the Sun
Invest in Solar Power

Whether your goal is to eliminate your electric bill, tier shave, lower your payments NOW with no upfront costs, or design for best ROI; our goal is to figure out what works for you. As a product neutral company, we can provide you with the best system to fit your needs – whether that’s the most efficient panel on the market or the best value. Leases, financing, and purchasing options available.

Solar Hot Water Heating

Unlimited Hot Water on Demand

Reduce your reliance on natural resources and harness the power of the sun to have
an abundance of hot water that is readily available.

Solar Panel Services

Need Service?

Meet our awesome crew.  Our expert techs have worked in the solar industry for decades and can evaluate and repair all types of solar systems.


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