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A Distinguished Reputation

Since our first patent, we have been widely recognized for consistently manufacturing, designing, and installing high-quality systems backed by outstanding warranties and customer support. With locations in California and Nevada and hundreds of dealers throughout North America, we have provided custom solar solutions to over 30,000 customers worldwide.

The majority of our business comes from the referrals of satisfied builders and customers who have experienced our products and services first-hand.


We’ve always been solar, and started in its infancy.


Did we mention that we have a lot of solar experience?

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There is a 90% chance that you were referred to us by a satisfied customer.

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What Matters When Going Solar? | 2023

System design and financial analysis: Every home and business owner is unique. So are their energy needs and solar design considerations. The more information that a home/business owner can provide a

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Service & maintenance for all your needs

Need a Solar Technician?

Our expert techs have worked in the solar industry for decades and can evaluate and repair all types of solar energy systems.
Sun Trek Solar Panels

Solar Pool Heating

Simply set the temperature and your solar pool heating system will automatically turn on to maintain your desired temperature. While your pool filtration system is operating, a solar sensor on the roof will communicate to your control system when it is time to heat your pool or spa. Your solar valve will open and divert the water to your Suntrek solar collectors. The suns energy is absorbed and transferred to your pool and spa FREE.

Solar Electricity

When the sun is shining, your Suntrek solar system generates free electricity. Suntrek’s industry leading technology offerings have the ability to bring your bill down to nearly $0. With Utility rates increasing every year, your savings only increase over time. With solar, you are no longer sensitive to price increases from your utility provider.

Energy Storage Systems

Battery technology can help you maximize your savings from solar and increase your energy independence. Instead of relying on your utility provider for energy and paying the most expensive rates, draw your power from your solar charged battery! Better yet, keep the lights on even if the utility shuts off the power!

Solar Hot Water Heating

With a Suntrek solar water heating system, you can reduce your impact on the environment and save money …all this without changing your daily routine! Heating your water with a solar water heating system helps reduce greenhouse emissions every year.

Whole House Fan Systems

Circulate COOL and FRESH air inside your home. As soon as the temperatures outside drops below the indoor temperature, a whole house fan system can provide a wave of clean and fresh – cool air into your home. All without having to run on your air conditioning!