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Suntrek is a strong supporter of  the weekend warrior, with absolutely no solar installation experience, armed with an average amount of mechanical aptitude and Suntrek’s easy to follow Installation guide (55 page guide).

Since 1991, Suntrek has been the leader in solar Do-It-Yourself kits. Hundreds of Suntrek customers have installed their own solar pool heating systems, and you can, too!

Each kit comes complete with everything you need to install your pool heating system(except tools, pipe and fittings). In addition, our user-friendly manuals provide step-by-step instructions to guide you through a quick and successful installation.

Work With Suntrek
With 3 Steps

Suntrek’s Custom Elastomer solar collectors are designed and engineered for challenging projects where space is limited. When a standard collectWorking with Suntrek is as easy as letting the sun heat your pool. Just three preliminary steps get you on the diving board to months of comfortable swimming:

  1. Site evaluation to determine that Suntrek’s a fit for your pool.
  2. Simple measurements and calculations to determine your pool’s specific needs.
  3. Send us your Solar Site Evaluation.


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3 Simple Steps

Learn more how work with Suntrek. Push and read every step.

Is Your Pool Ready For Suntrek?

To help our customers, we’ve prepared the following site-evaluation information: Consider all the possible locations for mounting heater units.


You can use any sloped roof, flat roof or patio cover that does not face to the north. (The most effective facing is southwest, but the unique, large ribbing of the Suntrek collectors still allows plenty of heat generation when facing other directions.


You can put units on more than one roof area to gain the desired total size. (For example, on one roof that faces toward your backyard and one that faces to the side of the house. Just branch and plumb.)


A new structure can be built specifically to accommodate the solar heater as long as it is raised and near the pool (The new, shaded area can be an attractive landscape asset.)


The solar collectors must be positioned higher than the pool equipment, so that it can gravity-drain when it is not in use. For example, a shed roof on a downslope below the pool equipment would be a poor location.

Our Customers

Below, you will see what our Do-it-Yourself customers have achieved with Suntrek! If you would like your installation to be posted here please send photos and a brief description of your experience to

Suntrek Makes It Simple

Our solar pool heating systems are dedicated to the weekend warrior, with absolutely no solar installation experience.  Armed with only an average amount of mechanical aptitude and Suntrek’s user-friendly installation guide, thousands of Suntrek customers have installed their own solar pool heating systems… and you can, too!

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