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Why Go Solar Electricity



When the sun is shining, your Suntrek solar system generates free electricity. Once your solar system is operable, Suntrek’s industry leading technology offerings have the ability to bring your bill down to $0. With Utility rates increasing every year, your savings only increase over time. With solar, you are no longer sensitive to price increases from your utility provider.


Are you happy with your utility provider? What do you like about them? Up until now, you had no choice but to pay for electricity. Become your own power plant and stop paying for electricity. Take control and tell the utility the good news: you are going solar!

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Increase In Property Value

Solar is one of the only home improvements you can make that WILL NOT increase your property taxes. Whether you stay in your home for another 20 years or move in 3 years, all of your solar investment will be recouped and MORE when you sell the home. Would you rather move into a home with a large “cost of living” or live comfortably without an electricity bill?

Going Green

At Suntrek, we give you the ability to eliminate your carbon footprint. For our customer base of over 30,000, there is a sense of pride that comes from knowing you are providing clean, renewable energy for your home. Suntrek has chosen to partner with Manufacturers that hold “material health, material reutilization, renewable energy use, water stewardship, and social fairness in high regard.”
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Solar Energy Incentives

Leveraging Federal Renewable Energy Tax Credits

Why Choose Suntrek?

Suntrek relies solely on referral business
Established in 1991, Suntrek Industries, Inc. is a leading provider of solar electricity, hot water, and pool heating systems. A manufacturer, equipment integrator, and licensed solar contractor, we are a one-stop resource for all the solar needs of residential, commercial, and industrial markets. Our business is a relationship based company and forged on traditional values of hard work, integrity, and personalized service.
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25 Year Warranty

With a 25 year warranty and an estimated life of 50 years, your durable Suntrek photovoltaic system will give you decades of free energy and peace of mind.

Product Options

Suntrek has the right product to reach your objectives. Whether it’s the highest efficiency, best looking, or best value product, Suntrek caters each system design to your individual needs.
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Options to lease, finance or own

Suntrek offers financing options that span from “same as cash” short-term loans to 25-year loan terms with no prepayment penalties. Whatever your financial situation may be, Suntrek has the tools to allow you to go solar today! A few of our financing options:

  • Mosaic
  • GoodLeap
  • Energy Loan Network
  • Matador’s Credit Union

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