What To Expect When Going Solar

What To Expect When Going Solar

At Suntrek, we guide our customers every step of the way. Here is an idea of what to expect in the next coming weeks.

1. Assess Site

A Suntrek Technician will visit your property to verify and confirm the details of your project. Each detailed measurement and site observation will be used to draft the plans for your project.

1 Day

2. Design Review

The measurements from our Site Assessment will be used to draft the plans for your project. Once the design is completed, the plans will be sent to you for review and approval.

2-5 Days

3. Acquire Permits

Once you approve of your solar design, the plans will be submitted to the city/county for permit issuance.

2-6 Weeks

4. Install Solar

The city/county will notify Suntrek when the permit is issued. At this time, our operations team will

contact you to confirm an installation date. Consult your operations representative for an estimated project timeline.

5. City Inspection

Upon completion of your solar installation, we’ll schedule an inspection with the city/county. A city representative will stop by to ensure the new system is up to code, installed per plan, and sign off on the project.

6. Utility Connection

After the city/county signs off on the installation, Suntrek will begin the process of utility interconnection and permission to operate (PTO) with your local utility provider.

1-2 Weeks

7. Power On

Say goodbye to your utility company! Once you are granted PTO, your solar system will begin saving you money for years to come!

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