Why Go Solar Pool Heating?



coming home from a long day at work, carrying the load of the world on your shoulders and finally pulling into your driveway after battling a tough commute. You open your front door to your home and instead of putting your stress on those around you, instead you immediately put on your swim suit and without a thought, you dive into your warm, comfortable, inviting pool. The temperature is 86 degrees. You hardly even know you are wet, but you can feel the weight of the world immediately lift from your muscles and bones.



but we are not done. The spa is also at the perfect temperature, heated by the sun to 102 degrees. Without having to plan in advance, you simply swim up to your spa, and hit the jet button.


You wouldn't...

purchase a new, beautiful car that you could only use 2-3 months of the year. So why then would you own a pool that you can only use a couple months of the year?

Have a blast...

in your pool and spa. Exercise, relax, enjoy some family fun, toss a party. Triple your swim season with free, solar heated pool and spa from Suntrek.

All of this is made possible with a solar heated pool and spa by Suntrek

The cost of heating a pool with a gas heater can be $500-$1000 per month for an average size pool. The cost is so high, that the typical pool owner will only heat their pool once. Once and done. Living with a cold and uncomfortable pool becomes a way of life…no life. You have to add the missing elements warmth and comfort.