Why Solar Pool Heating?

Ultimate Backyard Enjoyment

A typical swim season without heating can last 2-3 months with less than desirable swimming temperatures.  

A Suntrek Solar Pool Heating System can triple your swim season; providing 80-86 degree temperatures in your pool and a 100 degree spa. Those who have experienced the high cost of heating their pool with natural gas, propane or electricity know that an average monthly heating bill can exceed $500 to $1000 a month. With the cost being so high, the typical pool owner will only heat their pool on special occasions. The rest of the time, the pool temperatures are uncomfortable and the pool does not get used.

A thermostatically controlled Suntrek system will automatically heat your pool and spa to your desired temperature. Utilizing your pool filter pump to circulate water through the solar heating collectors, your Suntrek system has little to no operating cost.



The perfect swimming temperature and hot spa, will provide an oasis of relaxation.


The ultimate workout that is easy on your joints. Improve your cardiovascular health without the aches and pains.


Warm swimming and spa temperatures will be ready and waiting for you 8 months of the year.

Family Fun

Bring everyone together and create lifelong memories in your backyard.

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