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With Suntrek Solar You Can Plug in to the Sun!

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Its free, clean, and limitless And its all yours when you go with a solar energy system from Suntrek Industries. Our innovative solar energy solutions make it easy for you to help protect the environment and reduce our nations dependence on foreign oil. In addition, our solar energy products give you year-round savings, protect you from rising energy costs, and boost your propertys value.  Whether youre a homeowner, residential builder or a business, we have the solar energy products and services you need.  And theyre all custom-engineered with one goal in mind:  Harnessing the power of the sun for a better future.

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Solar Power, Reliable, Affordable Solar Electricity Systems Put Money Back in Your Pocket
     Solar power generating free solar electricity is saving money for all solar electric homes and businesses.  Whether you need a Grid-Tie Solar Electric System that will allow you to sell excess electricity back to the Grid or an Off-Grid/Stand Alone System, Suntrek has the solar products and services that will maximize your return on investment. With a 25 year warranty and an estimated life of 70 years, your durable Suntrek photovoltaic system will give you decades of free energy and peace of mind.

Solar Pool Heating, Always Comfortable, Inviting, and Worry-Free
     Today's exorbitant energy prices are causing many homeowners to leave their pools unheated for long periods of time; however, commercial pools have no choice but keep their pools heated year round. Installing a Suntrek solar pool heating systems making full use of a solar pool heater, you are able to heat your pool and maintain comfortable warm swimming pool temperatures all season long, without a single worry. Our versatile solar pool heating system may be customized to fit any swimming pool or spa in any commercial or residential setting.

Solar Water Heater, Three Systems to Choose From
   There are a number of families today that have to schedule their shower and bath time because of a shortage of hot water.  Using a Suntrek solar water heating system will make running out of water a thing of the past.  The Suntrek Integral Collector Storage System is utilized for families using 40 gallons of hot water at a time.  For those wanting more hot water than a standard hot water heater, Suntrek has an open loop solar heating system and a closed loop hot water system utilizing a solar thermo siphon system. One should never have to worry about their hot water supply.

Solar Panels, Powering Suntrek Solar Energy Systems
Solar panels are responsible for powering Solar Energy Systems by Suntrek Industries that provide electricity for homeowners, commercial properties and our agricultural community. Suntrek solar energy systems are created from custom designed solar panels, also known as solar collectors, that catch photons from the sun, converting the photons into electricity, which in turn power the equipment to give you electricity, hot water or even the option to sell your excess electricity back to the power grid.
     Solar energy is economically feasible where there is sunlight for our solar panels, which is most everywhere in California and Nevada. There are green energy incentives provided by local and federal government for both residential and commercial solar energy systems. The United States government is offering tax credits of 30% for residential and commercial applications.
     Every Suntrek solar energy system is custom engineered to provide our customers with an optimal solar program. Suntrek's solar energy programs are cost effective, environmentally clean and a sound investment in your property. Solar Energy provides year round energy savings, protects against rising energy costs from oil and natural gas, and history is showing an increase in property values.