California Solar Requirements for New Construction

California Solar Requirements for New Construction

As of Jan 1st 2020, all low-rise residential buildings have been mandated to incorporate a solar photovoltaic (PV) system to meet the minimum requirements of building energy efficiency standards. While this may seem like just another hoop to jump through in the construction process, it is also a huge value add to any new construction home project. Now that solar is a part of every new home construction project, Suntrek is here to make sure that the solar system and home are designed with each other in mind. A solar system can complement a home just like a beautiful entryway or stunning backyard if you treat it with the same amount of importance!

Some home builders will simply “check the box”. This will mean installing a solar system that meets the minimum requirements. Suntrek will design, engineer, and provide a proposal for providing a turnkey solar solution to meet those minimum requirements. Often, an energy storage (battery) system can be implemented into the design. This addition will reduce the required quantity of solar panels installed on the roof by 25%. Typically, the minimum requirement results in a system that is not appropriately sized for the home. For this reason, Suntrek will also provide a second option that is better engineered for the square footage of the home and the kind of electrical load we expect to see for that home. Since every client’s needs are unique, another option is to have Suntrek work directly with the homeowner to ensure their preferences and goals are met.

When installing solar on a new construction home, there are several benefits. Solar energy systems come with a federal tax credit. Today, that tax credit is 26% of the system cost. There are many costs involved in the construction process that are related to the solar systems installation (roofing, structural, electrical, architectural). All the solar related expenses should be allocated to the cost of the solar system. As the price of the solar installation increases, so does the tax credit. The purchaser of the home will be able to capitalize on a 26% federal tax credit on the cost of the solar energy system. When the home is purchased, the new homeowner will start off with a big tax credit and will have a new solar system that was financed through the mortgage of the house. With interest rates at an all-time low, this can be one of the most attractive financing options available.

For home builders committed to energy-efficient design and sustainability, Suntrek provides the “Power of Three”. A 360-degree solar solution that incorporates solar heating for the swimming pool and solar heating for domestic hot water. Incorporating all relevant kinds of solar technology will provide a new homeowner with a sustainable way of living that allows for a luxurious lifestyle, without the overhead costs.

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