Your Trusted Solar Provider | 2022

Your Trusted Solar Provider | 2022

3 Reasons Why The Pool Industry NEEDS a Trusted Solar Provider

  • Have you ever had a client with a solar pool heating system that needed service? For most pool industry professionals, they may be comfortable at the pool equipment, but getting on the roof is another story. Sure, you could turn the solar off. But is that the best service you could provide your client?                                                                             

Suntrek Services all makes and models of solar energy systems. Whether it be for your swimming pool or for powering your home or business. We can even help you trouble shoot over the phone.

  • On how many occasions have you come to your client’s home for their regular pool cleaning/maintenance, only to find that their pool equipment has been upgraded by someone else? The homeowner didn’t consider asking you to do it. What’s worse? A solar company likely made the upgrade without talking to you either.                                       

Suntrek was grown through relationships with the pool industry. When possible, we give the business back to the service industry. By partnering with Suntrek, you have a teammate that will not steal equipment upgrades from you and try to send you business, just like the service industry has done for us.

  • Solar isn’t going anywhere. Odds are, if your clients don’t have solar (solar pool heating, solar electricity, or other) they will have it in the near future. Why not make a buck and refer your client to a solar company you can trust

By having Suntrek as a trusted partner, you can confidently refer us to your clients as a complete solar energy provider to assess options for solar pool heating, solar electricity and energy storage. We have a referral fee program so that you can capitalize on the relationships that you have. Do the math, if you have 50+ service accounts, that’s a quick way to make over $1000 per account.

    1. Solar Pool Heating – $300
    2. Solar Electricity – $500
    3. Battery – $300

It’s a smart business decision to have a solar company you can trust and rely on for support. Trust in a name that has been in the solar industry for over 30 years.

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