Solar Water Heating


Soak Up the Sun’s Rays and Have Hot Water on Tap

Keep the Environment and
Your Budget Out of Hot Water

With a Suntrek solar water heating system, you can reduce your impact on the environment and save money …all this without changing your daily routine! Heating your water with a solar water heating system helps reduce tons of greenhouse emissions every year — that’s the equivalent of taking a small car off the road! Better yet, you will enjoy thousands in savings as a result of lower energy bills, rebates, and tax credits.

A Steady Stream of Savings for Decades

We offer a broad selection of solar water heating systems for residential, commercial, and government use. No matter how much hot water you use, how sunny your location is, or whether you are connected to the power grid, we have a solar water heating system that is right for you. Covered by at 10-year warranty, our durable solar water heating systems last an average of 30 years and require little maintenance. That means decades of energy savings and peace of mind!

With a Suntrek Solar Water
Heating System you can:

  • Eliminate up to 100% of water heating costs
  • Recoup thousands with rebates and tax credits
  • Enjoy unlimited hot water for all your household and commercial needs
  • Store a back-up water supply for emergencies and electric outages
  • Protect yourself from fuel shortages and rate hikes
  • Enjoy at least 30 years of worry-free performance and savings
  • Reduce annual pollution by thousands of pounds
  • Help our nation’s security and economy by reducing our dependence on foreign oil