Our services

Suntrek Industries maintains and services every make and model of solar panel equipment in the industry.


Special services or a repair

Our solar technicians have decades of experience, troubleshooting, servicing and maintaining solar panels and control systems for solar electricity, solar hot water heating and solar pool systems.

Just like your car, your solar energy systems require inspections and maintenance to operate properly and avoid unnecessary repairs. We perform maintenance for any type of solar power system from any solar manufacturer, in any setting. Troubleshooting, replacement, removal or relocation of your solar system components.

In addition, if you are considering replacing your current roof, Suntrek will provide the guidance and expertise for removing and reinstalling.

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Solar Pool Heating

  • Leak and component repairs
  • Inspect all plumbing
  • Open solar valve and inspect diverter, evaluate seals and drain back check valve for wear and tear
  • Open check valves, lube and check seals
  • Check solar valve actuator for proper function
  • Test solar sensors and controller for proper function
  • Test VR valve for proper function to ensure system drainback
  • Tighten all hoses and clamps
  • Inspect pool equipment and variable speed pump for proper programming and flow rate
  • Spring Start-up Service to keep the system at peak efficiency
  • Fall Shut-down Service to prevent damage from freeze-ups

Solar Electricity

  • Shade analysis
  • Inspect all terminal junction boxes for electrical connections and corrosion
  • Compare monitoring results with system design and projected output
  • Test inverter functions
  • Inspect main electrical panel and breaker
  • Inspect overall condition of solar collectors for any potential warranty issues

Solar Water Heating

  • Inspect all copper plumbing and insulation
  • Test all isolation valves
  • Determine if glycol needs to be replaced
  • Evaluate conditions of solar storage tank and solar collectors
  • Test solar sensors and controller for proper function
  • Evaluate temperature differential and pump flow rate
  • Inspect for corrosion

Getting a new roof?

Suntrek will work with your roofer to coordinate the removal and reinstallation of existing  solar panels or the installation of a new solar energy system.