Pool Companies Need a Solar Company


Hundreds of thousands of pool owners have invested in solar pool heating systems and solar electric systems and this trend will continue into the future. What does this mean to the swimming pool industry?

1. There will be a growing base of customers who need service on their solar energy systems. Suntrek services every make and model of solar pool panel, solar control systems, and solar power systems on the market. You have one company to call for any customer service needs.

2. If a customer is going to invest in a solar energy system, you might as well benefit from this sale versus not being part of the decision process. By working with Suntrek on customer referrals, you can profit by earning a referral fee of $300 for solar pool systems, $300 for solar hot water, and $500 for solar electric. If a customer purchases all 3 (Power of 3), this is $1100 of profit for you.

3. Last but not least, the solar industry is out there in force and there are very aggressive sales and marketing tactics from direct mail, canvassing, radio, TV, newspaper advertising, etc. Most of these companies do not have a relationship to the swimming pool industry and could care less about who the pool service company is.  There is no worse surprise than making your way into  the back yard and seeing new solar systems and new pool equipment that has been replaced by the solar company!

Suntrek makes a promise to all our referring partners that we will never compete with you in your line of business. In other words, we will not sell your customer pool equipment, pool remodels, or a new pool. This business is all yours. We are your solar partner for service and new solar sales.

Selecting the RIGHT Solar Energy Company

Solar Electricity Installation
Long Beach Airport Solar Project with solar electric trackers by Suntrek Industries.

The bottom line is you want to use a solar energy company that has been in business for a long time because that means it has the experience and customer following that prove its expertise.  Suntrek Solar is such is company.

The fact is that the solar energy industry in California is flooded with solar energy companies. Most came into the market during the solar rebate and tax credit era over the past decade.  They saw an opportunity to get into the solar business because of a growing environmental consciousness and the growing demand for clean, lower cost energy.

But over the years, many have floundered and many have gone out of business.  Others are teetering on the verge of financial collapse since they work from job-to-job instead of having a long, successful track record.  That leaves you with a few choices that are worthy of the most consideration.

Here is what we suggest that you look for in a company: construction and roofing experience

1. Have they been in business doing solar only for over 20 years?

2. Do they have any complaints on their contractors license that have not been resolved?

3. Do they hold a valid license, liability insurance, and workman’s compensation insurance?

4. Do they have high profile clients who have vetted them in every way?

5. Can they provide references that have similar projects as yours and are in your area?

6. How did you hear about this company? Were you solicited? If so, do you really want to do business with a company who you were not personally referred too?

Suntrek Industries is going into its 26th year of doing business with over 25,000 customers. Suntrek relies 100% on referral business.

Solar pool heating products

Solar Pool Spa Heating
Solar Pool Heating System by Suntrek Industries.

What are my choices?

Sometimes solar companies can make comparing products complicated.  But since one of our main objectives at Suntrek Solar is to make sure our customers understand their choices, we will make this simple:

Here are our top three choices for what are known as solar thermal collectors:


Polymers are the first choice for solar pool heating and have been for decades.  These products are comprised of plastics and elastomer compounds.  What makes them most appealing is that they have UV inhibitor materials in these compounds to withstand intense solar energy radiation for well over a decade.  These materials are also impervious to pool chemicals.  So, a long-lasting solar pool collector is ultimately what you will invest in when you select Polymers.

Evacuated Tube

These are primarily designed for solar water heating, not solar pool heating


Like Evacuated Tube collectors, these are primarily designed for solar water heating, not solar pool heating.

When you are making your decision about what company you want to hire for your solar pool heating system, we submit this for your consideration:

Suntrek Industries is one of the leading solar pool manufacturers in the industry.  According to the California Solar Initiative (CSI) website, Suntreksolar is currently the Number 1 Solar Energy company for commercial solar pool heating in the State of California.

So regardless of whether you are looking for a quality commercial or residential solar pool system, here are some reasons Suntreksolar should be your number one choice:

1. We are both the manufacturer and the licensed contractor on solar energy installations.  That means we can handle the complete job from design to any roofing issues we encounter to make sure your system fits and functions perfectly.

2. Suntrek designs and custom builds the solar collectors to fit your roof or structure it is going on. This provides our clients with solar systems that fit best, work best, and perform best. Suntrek is one of the highest rate solar collectors in the world.

3.  We are vertically integrated which means no franchises. Our clients work directly with us. Our friendly competitors sell their product through distributors who then sell their products to dealers.

4. All of Suntrek’s customers come by way of referral. Suntrek does not solicit business with direct mail,  canvassing, telemarketing, radio or TV advertising. This provides our clients with a lot of confidence and comfort.